A wooden house means to live your life to the fullest and not exist

2015-07-21 17:11:18

If you have purchased a piece of land and made up your mind to build a wooden house there, it means you are the person who wants to enjoy your life in close harmony with nature to the fullest, the person who cares for yourself and your close people, who feels confident about the future and honors the past.

. You have made the right choice between dead stone and living wood. But now make one more right choice and pick KYIVGORBUD Company, so that your house could become your home and not just residential space.

Why us?

Our company doesn’t just build houses from purchased wood of unknown origin; we provide all the process from cutting down trees and their processing to the final stage of construction. Own hi-tech production, modern equipment, great experience and high professional level of our specialists allow us to guarantee you exclusive quality of our work. KYIVGORBUD Company has been awarded numerous prizes and certificates proving participation in various specialized construction exhibitions.

Why a wooden house?

Why should you choose a wooden house and not the one made of concrete or bricks? Because wood has a lot of advantages and doesn’t have a single disadvantage:

Wood is natural and 100% eco-friendly construction material!

It is not by chance that such a house is often called ‘living’, as wood really breathes, hence it lives. What do people usually say about a constructed stone house when there are no windows, doors and interior decoration in it? They say that ‘the house box is ready’. Speaking about a wooden house, nobody calls it ‘a house box’, as even just wooden walls and a roof make a fully functional house that breathes and lives.

The point is that wood has an entirely unique structure: constant air exchange takes place in its fibers. Though some other construction materials are also capable of conducting air but only wood interacts with the environment, disinfecting the air and preventing hazardous substances, especially allergens, from getting into the house.

he air in a wooden house is always clean, and oxygen balance and humidity index are kept at the ideal level and never depend on ambient conditions. That’s why ventilation system is not required for wooden houses: comfortable living conditions are created inside them in a natural way.

Wood keeps warmth!

Heat insulating features of a wooden wall are 5 times higher than the ones of concrete or brick walls of the same width. Moreover, wooden walls do not require any additional heat insulation, and it allows to make construction of a wooden house easier and cheaper. Wood accumulates warmth and distributes it equally in all inner rooms

That is why it is cozy and warm inside a wooden house even when the temperature outside is really low. At the same time, it will be cool and fresh inside the house in the hot summertime. Only a wooden house can provide such comfortable climate living conditions.

Wood is long-term and firm!

If a wooden house has been built correctly in line with all technological requirements, it can serve you a hundred years and nothing will happen to it. Is a period of 100 years too small for you? Never mind! Modern wood processing materials let extend its lifetime by many times.

A wooden house is the safest dwelling!

A wooden house features complete seismic resistance. In addition, special treatment used to process wood during the construction of a house prevents it from fire – even at very high temperature wood will be smoldering but will not ignite.

A wooden house will ideally match any landscape!

It can be made in different forms and configurations. Moreover, wood perfectly matches various coatings and finishing materials and it enables to make a house in any style. Even without any additional interior finishing wooden houses are eye-catching, they look great and create special atmosphere inside.

The conclusion is evident: if you want to build a house, then your only choice is a wooden house from KYIVGORBUD