2015-07-21 15:54:51

It’s not a secret that natural resources we are using are limited.

There is a certain chain regarding any product from recovering to recycling. This results in quite aggressive use of nature and ecology. No doubt, nowadays this problem is getting more and more common.

Healthy way of life and environmental friendliness are quite trendy now. We should live in harmony with nature, especially since it provides us with other energy sources.

Alternative energy sources tend to become more and more popular in the world.

Advanced technologies enable to apply these achievements in our everyday life. People used to think that so called zero-energy buildings were intended for future, however, such buildings can be found in the world today and they operate quite successfully.

First of all, it is worth being careful with the location of such a house. It is not good to build an ecohouse with the help of expansion (clearing the land). But it does make sense to try fitting an ecohouse into the existing landscape. It makes an architect think creative, especially since there are quite a lot of good examples of such locations. It is apparent that such a house will be unique, as the landscapes everywhere are quite different.

The word ‘eco’ itself is translated from Greek as ‘dwelling, house’.

It is obvious that such buildings require special attitude, understanding, and changing the way of life for the better.

Construction of an ecohouse implies efficient use of natural resources, renewable materials and energy saving.

A zero-energy building is a complex approach to solving problems we face today, and nowadays such a house is not luxury but a bare necessity, it implies more professional approach to saving and protecting the environment.

Energy-saving houses can also be constructed from glued timber. This material features quite good heat insulation and will keep heat losses to minimum. At the same time, being natural, this material will provide necessary indoor climate. While building a house of glued timber, it is worth making note that you can build it all year round, and it doesn’t take so much time to assemble it.

Numerous technical solutions can be used during construction of an ecohouse, for instance, solar panels, collectors, heating pumps, wind-power generators, bioreactors, special ventilation systems, and rain collection systems.

The environment-friendly ecohouse support system as well as low waste level achieved by recycling all types of wastes result in considerable saving.

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