Realizing ideas

2015-07-21 15:54:09

A modern wooden house should definitely be functional, comfortable and beautiful. While choosing the outer design of your future house, you should consider everything, there are no trifles here. The specialists of our company will help you solve this task and select a required stylistic solution. Perhaps, you prefer modern trends, such as hi-tech, minimalism, fusion, or classic style – modern or neo-classic, or traditional style. High-quality materials produced by our company, modern equipment, as well as high professional level of our specialists will make it possible to realize even the most original design solutions.

The process of drawing a design can be compared with crystal growing. It is not only science but mainly art where the purity of the base material, parameter stability and intuition are of great importance. The architect should not only realize himself creating a certain cottage as the monument to himself but also live a customer’s life to the fullest and express his ideas and hopes in the language of architecture.

Studying the experience of those countries where individual design developed step by step, gradually, and not as a result of violent boost, we can notice that there is no better solution than unity with nature. It is obvious that houses made of natural materials are of great help in that.

While preparing the drawing, searching for ideas and conceptions of a country house, it is also recommended to take into consideration how it will match the landscape. Nowadays, when there are so many trees in the countryside and cottage settlements are located in the woods and forests, it is recommended to pay special attention to the design of your house. A hi-tech building is unlikely to match the surrounding landscape and may seem out of place. A building in classic style will perfectly match the landscape if you design all the land in the same way, turning exuberant brushwood into a proper designed park, for instance English park. In addition, natural unevenness of the landscape can be of great help in design of a future house, emphasizing its original and unique look.

There is no so called fashion in a wooden house design. Customer’s wildest wishes from romanticism to hi-tech, from neoclassic to constructivism can be turned into reality.

While searching for stylistic solution, KYIVGORBUD’s task is to take into consideration opinions of all future residents and find something that will incorporate comfort and harmony with nature.