Glued laminated timber

2015-07-21 15:53:36

It is obvious that everyone who plans to build a wooden house faces the problems of shrinkage and deformation of wood, its splitting and drying-up, as wood is a living material and requires special attitude to it. Year after year, century after century skills improved and technologies developed, it enabled to solve many of these tasks and create reliable and eco-friendly material.

KYIVGORBUD offers to use in the construction glued laminated timber of its own production. This material allows the customer to avoid all the above stated problems. Deformation of such timber is almost absent, it does not split, does not shrink and features high quality surface preserving natural qualities of wood. This is achieved due to the fact that while gluing pre-dried lamellas the wood fibers are positioned in opposite directions. Very tight connection of logs is achieved with the help of spuds and daps, and careful finishing of surfaces makes the house look tidy and neat, avoiding the need of additional decoration. Professionally prepared and calculated profile of the timber prevents from rain water entry and doze.

Glued laminated timber also allows architects to realize their bold design ideas that are quite differ from traditional concepts of housebuilding.

As a result, you get a modern luxurious house that features unusual engineering solutions and impresses you with its individual look. The professionally built glued laminated timber house will definitely become source of the owner’s pride.

The absence of shrinkage enables to install windows at once after assembling, as well as create huge glass paintings, because glass and wood match the best.

The absence of limits of width of span referring to the log length enables to construct buildings of practically any space. All the details provided in the drawing design of a wooden house made of glued laminated timber are factory-produced with the close control of temperature and humidity. It enables to shorten substantially the period of construction.

As soon as you enter a glued timber house, you will make sure at once that it is hard to find a better place for life and rest. You will be amazed with its soundness and reliability. All nasty weather will remain outside the window. A perfect facade and cozy atmosphere of a glued timber house will touch the feelings of both guests and owners. Just feel the unique climate that will help you overcome everyday stress and relieve distress after a long working day. Highly skilled specialists of KYIVGORBUD Construction Company will help you turn this dream into reality and create a comfortable and sophisticated house.

It is worth taking seriously the process of design and construction of a wooden house. We recommend you to confide in professionals’ opinions, and then your house will meet your expectations and will be serving you and your children for a long time.